Yeah thats right people, we be high tech redneck now! Seriously though, the seek thermal imager is a handy tool to have… I hope. I picked it up for around $300 as a demo model. It is like new and is pretty amazing tech. Just playing with it around the […]

Seek RevealXR Thermal Imager

I always wanted a derringer as a back up gun to my concealed carry weapon. This Cobra derringer was priced right, $99 on black friday from Dunhams sporting goods. Cobra copied the legendary Remington derringer design. Too bad it falls way short of the mark. First off the frame and […]

Cobra derringer 38 special

Jumping right into new tech for hunting and shooting can offer many advantages. Looking to get into night hunting? The starlight night vision technology is some of the best out there, but expensive and sensitive to day light. The intensifier tubes of traditional night vision can be damaged when used […]

ATN 4k 3×14 day and night scope review.

This was my second electronic caller purchased. I read many reviews and I bought it for the features my current e-caller lacked, such as adding sounds. Not only the adding sounds but the expert hunt and ability to make your own hunt was the hard sell for me and the […]

Primos Turbo Dogg ecaller review

So for fun I built an AR pistol in the 300 blackout. This was an exercise more in what can be done in the AR platform then anything. I started with a 80% lower and milled it out. This will help to alleviate any confusion about this lower being used […]

AR pistol build

  I pulled the trigger and bought my first 1911. I was undecided about whether to wait and take a chance on the CMP 1911 program or buy new. After weighing the pros and cons of both I went with new. Why the Kimber? The Kimber hero custom was on […]

Kimber hero custom

         Want the ability to hunt at night in near to complete darkness? How about just being tacti-cool? Well Bushnell has a product that is reasonably priced and can get you hooked on night vision. I was interested in doing some night hunting of small mammals in Wisconsin and […]

Night Vision for your AR.

Just a quick post to keep some content going. Been real busy at work and home so little to no time to add content here.   Have a horrible trigger on your mil-spec AR15? Some are worse then others, but most I have found can be improved by a quick […]

Ar15 trigger creep removal.

So you want a new rifle? How about a legend in the making? the Remington 783 is that rifle! That is a bold statement, but this rifle is amazing and for the low price of $350. How about a sub moa rifle for that price? yup this rifle is capable. […]

Remington 783 review

Recently I purchased a DPMS Oracle .308. I know DPMS gets a bad rap as being cheaply made and the low end of the market, but for $800 you cant go wrong. I was looking at building a AR10 and that cost would have been alot higher, maybe it would […]

DPMS Oracle .308