EP Armory 80% lower

Been thinking about making a 80% lower? Yeah me too. I bought the first one from EP Armory, a polymer 80% lower. The lower came with a set of stickers to be used as a jig! Great idea! Not really. While it saves you money the sticker idea is a […]



Far too many people complain about the direction this country is headed and too few actually take the time to vote. This year is a strange election year, we have a democrat running for president as a republican and one of the most corrupt people in this country running as […]

Hydro printing (dipping).

Hydro printing or Dipping, is water transfer printing. You take a picture and print it on a 3D object. This has become an huge industry in the firearms community, dipping custom graphics, mostly camo on to firearms. The price can be fairly high to have a firearm dipped, the low […]

dipped mosin nagant