AR-Stoner Bolt Carrier Group(BCG) for .223/5.56/.300blk

Midway USA sells the AR-Stoner brand. The AR-Stoner is exclusive to Midway USA, their parts are inexpensive. I purchased the complete BCG for $85 on sale. I found several lower end BCG for the same price and all had poor reviews. The AR-Stoner BCG  had mixed reviews, but my experience […]

Promag Roller magazines vs. Magpul Pmag vs. USMC issue M16 magazine.

Recently I acquired some roller mags made by Promag. I wanted a dedicated .300 Blackout magazine that was different then my 5.56 magazines to help avoid ammo confusion. Plus the Pmags and steel magazines I had were not feeding the .300 blackout as reliably as they feed the 5.56. Cabelas […]

EP Armory 80% lower

Been thinking about making a 80% lower? Yeah me too. I bought the first one from EP Armory, a polymer 80% lower. The lower came with a set of stickers to be used as a jig! Great idea! Not really. While it saves you money the sticker idea is a […]