Remington model 783

Interested in a value rifle? The Remington model 783 is the setting the field for value rifles. It is lightweight and straight shooting. I purchased the 783 chambered in 30-06. Since I already have a rifle chambered in that cartridge and the rifle was being purchased to hunt big game […]

Home built case prep center

I wanted a case prep station to speed up the reloading process. I run each case thru six different operations before cleaning and polishing them. The old way took a long time and was tedious hand numbing work. I process brass by the thousand and it would be a days […]

AR-Stoner Bolt Carrier Group(BCG) for .223/5.56/.300blk

Midway USA sells the AR-Stoner brand. The AR-Stoner is exclusive to Midway USA, their parts are inexpensive. I purchased the complete BCG for $85 on sale. I found several lower end BCG for the same price and all had poor reviews. The AR-Stoner BCG  had mixed reviews, but my experience […]