MRE comparision

Want some emergency rations, flood rations,deer hunting,power outage,riots? The military has used the Meals Ready to Eat rations since the 80″s. These meals are called MRE and store for a considerably long time. The recommended shelf life is 5 years, but many survivalists have tested them to last over ten […]

Form 1 silencer.   Recently updated !

So I posted earlier about making a form 1 silencer. I have completed two now and the second is by far the better of the two. the first was a stainless steel beast that is too heavy. The last is a carbon steel that was made quite quickly and cheap, […]

Thai long tail motor kit   Recently updated !

My current mud motor which was a home design, finally died. The orginal motor was a 6.5 and I upgraded to a 13hp, which was too big for the design and destroyed the frame and shaft. I was looking at a redesign and new materials. Steel is no longer cheap […]