Thai long tail motor kit

My current mud motor which was a home design, finally died. The orginal motor was a 6.5 and I upgraded to a 13hp, which was too big for the design and destroyed the frame and shaft. I was looking at a redesign and new materials. Steel is no longer cheap […]


Mini Lathe Mods!

Adding a DRO to the saddle of the Harbor Freight mini lathe, along with a tachometer for spindle speed. These mods cost about $40 and took about forty-five minutes to complete. First the Digital Read Out or DRO. The DRO was purchased on Ebay for $29, just search DRO and […]

Tactical Industries Target Master ar-15 .22lr conversion kit

Want to practice shooting without going broke? Want to add versatility to your ar-15 platform? With this affordable conversion kit you can shoot .22lr from you ar-15 platform rifle. I used one of these while in the Army Reserve, they shot qualification with the conversion kits, so I know they […]