AR pistol build

So for fun I built an AR pistol in the 300 blackout. This was an exercise more in what can be done in the AR platform then anything. I started with a 80% lower and milled it out. This will help to alleviate any confusion about this lower being used as a rifle previously. The 80% lower was purchased off gun broker for $25 and milled out by myself. The lower parts kit was bought off midwayusa for $50 and the bolt was purchased from primary arms. The BCG is a bear creek arsenal light weight 5.56. This thing is about half the weight and reduced recoil quite a bit when paired with an adjustable gas block bought off gun broker for $20. The 10.5 inch barreled upper was also bought at primary arms and is a bear creek arsenal. 300 blackout with a m-lok free floating handgaurd. The upper is amazing for $170 you cant go wrong! Fpr under $300 I have an AR pistol build. The videos I have posted here I was having cycle issues due to my reloads. They were subsonic with homemade lead bullets that were powder coated. I rush the reloading to get to the range and a few that should have been melted down due to excessive powder coat build up were loaded, resulting in jams.