Remington 783 review

So you want a new rifle? How about a legend in the making? the Remington 783 is that rifle! That is a bold statement, but this rifle is amazing and for the low price of $350. How about a sub moa rifle for that price? yup this rifle is capable. You can easily spend more for a decent scope for this rifle then for the rifle itself. The reviews have been mixed, but most have praised this rifle. From the crisp trigger pull to the light weight this rifle will impress you. Most of my rifle shooting have been military and military surplus, so I guess my standards are set low. I can shoot a stock Mosin Nagant and hit a eight inch steel target at 300 yards, so maybe I am adept at shooting a stock military spec rifle. If you are use to the long, harsh trigger pulls of mil-spec rifles, then you will love the 783. Of course if you are use to a $2000 custom rifle, then the 783 may not be for you.

The 783 comes with a mounted scope which is capable, but the eye relief is far too short for my old eyes. All the images here were shot with the factory scope. I have since upgraded the scope to a Bushnell 4×12-40. Also you can and should buy a set of scope rings which mount directly to the receiver. These mounts are much better then the mounts that come with the rifle, I got my set at midwayusa for $20.

The length of pull was a bit long for me and I adjusted this by sanding down the butt pad. I know this is not the best way to do this, but since this stock is synthetic and hollow on the butt end, you really cant cut the stock to decrease the length of pull. You can buy a custom stock, but that would raise the cost of the rifle.

I purchased mine chambered in the 30-06, since I already had an m1 garrand. The light weight and now shortened butt pad leads to one heck of a recoil. Nothing I cant handle, but this rifle will not be a 200-300 round shooter at the range. The light stock, while making this a good rifle to hunt with leads to more recoil. I may add weight to the stock for range shooting. This is where a hollow stock is a great thing to have. I have in the past added weight to a firearm (my 3.5 inch shotgun) to dramatically reduce recoil.

My best group at one hundred yards was a quarter size group shot with hand loads.  I am still amazed at the light trigger pull with no creep, it surprises me every time. Unlike a mil-spec trigger which is more of a “come on you damn trigger” this one is 3-4 pounds and no creep. its feels like a hair trigger to an old mil-spec guy. All I can say about the Remington 783 is praise. I am very happy to add this to my rifle collection.