Primos Turbo Dogg ecaller review

This was my second electronic caller purchased. I read many reviews and I bought it for the features my current e-caller lacked, such as adding sounds. Not only the adding sounds but the expert hunt and ability to make your own hunt was the hard sell for me and the testing I did in the back yard was amazing. I really had high hopes for this call. Sadly the lack of range made all the added features worthless. I made the mistake of taking just this call out on my last hunt and got a craptasitic day out hunting because of primos turbo dogg.

field review of the primos turbo dogg.

The call was a combo and the decoy preformed about as crappy as the call did. The spring is too flexible and the decoy spent most of the time in one spot twirling. While it was probably better then no decoy, it did not preform as it was meant to. When I tested the decoy it had to be held perfectly straight otherwise it would stay in one spot and twirl instead of spin around and twirl. When in the field you can’t expect the decoy to stay perfectly straight. I did use a piece of plastic tubing to add rigidity to the spring and the decoy now functioned as it should. The decoy is a good buy and I will probably buy the standalone decoy again.

The call on the other hand went back. The call sounded real nice and I loved all the features but the ability to use the remote at more then 50 yards is a requirement. Primos needs to fix this issue with their calls. My first e-call was the icotech gc300 and this call works amazing, but lacks features I desired. I plan to replace the Primos with another icotech since I know their remote works like a charm at the yardage I need. I even broke the antennae on the icotech and holding the remaining antennae to my rifle I could still work the call. I since fixed that remote with a strudy antennae that wont break. I guess the icotech gets to be my backup call.