Cobra derringer 38 special

The cobra derringer in 38 spc

I always wanted a derringer as a back up gun to my concealed carry weapon. This Cobra derringer was priced right, $99 on black friday from Dunhams sporting goods.

Cobra copied the legendary Remington derringer design. Too bad it falls way short of the mark. First off the frame and barrel is made of pot metal so any state that bans low melting point guns will ban this derringer. The barrel is sleeved for the chamber and rifling. These don’t affect the quality of the firearm in my opinion. The drastic trigger pull is the main down fall of this firearm. The demo one had a hard pull but did break, the one I got would not fire! Nope, no matter what you did it would not shoot. I searched the internet and found a trigger spring fix. I did this and the gun would fire, a nasty trigger pull. The first trip to the range and the thing would fire 24″ high… I am thinking the harsh trigger pull was to blame. I plan to trim the trigger spring a tad bit more and then retry it.

As for fit and finish, I really like the finish, its a powder coat of some type and the rosewood grips give it a nice appearance. The hammer cocks easy for me one handed and it did mark the primers heavy. Its easy to operate and load.

I really want to like this gun, maybe with some more trigger mods and practice I will enjoy it. Would I bet my life on it? no….