Ar15 trigger creep removal.

Just a quick post to keep some content going. Been real busy at work and home so little to no time to add content here.


Have a horrible trigger on your mil-spec AR15? Some are worse then others, but most I have found can be improved by a quick and simple fix. Go to your local hardware store, not a big box store but a real hardware store like ace or true value. In the bolt section find a 1/4″ by 28 tpi set screw that is 1/4-3/8 inch long. It should take a 1/8 allen wrench. Also find a allen head bolt that is also 1/4″ by 28 tpi. This needs to be 3/4″ in length and should be a 3/16 allen wrench. Also some Blue or medium strength thread locker and a new star washer for the allen head bolt, or you can reuse the one on the grip. You can find these as kits on ebay as well but at a huge mark up. the set screw and bolt should cost about $0.50 each, where the ebay kits are about$4.00.

Now disassemble the pistol grip on the AR15. Be careful not to lose the safety detent and spring. Now make sure the safety is still in the lower and set to safe. Put a bit of thread locker on the set screw and screw it into the lower until the safety wont move to fire. Slowly back out the set screw until you can flip the safety. You want to be able to flip it easily but still have the trigger be tight and no slop while on safe. There are ways to remove even more slop but I will not go into that since it requires you to remove metal from the trigger and can lead to a unsafe firearm. Now make sure safety detent and spring are in place and reassemble the pistol grip with the 3/4″ allen bolt. Try the trigger out, you will see that most of the creep that was ther is gone. Test to make sure the disconnect engages when the trigger is held back and the bolt is cocked. then you should have a reset. If all is good go shoot the thing!